End Dissection at Your Whole School. Here’s How!

It’s beyond time to make dissection animal-free! Cats, frogs, fetal pigs, rats, rabbits, mice, and other animals who end up on a dissection tray were once living beings with thoughts, feelings, and families—but most teachers don’t even tell us that millions of these animals are killed specifically for cruel lessons.

That’s right: A PETA eyewitness exposed that pigeons were drowned and crayfish were injected with liquid latex while still alive at a major dissection supplier. Other animals, such as frogs, are taken from their homes in nature and killed to be used in the classroom. Fetal pigs who end up on a dissection tray are often cut from their terrified mother’s womb in a bloody slaughterhouse.

We know that animal dissection is bad science. It’s not required by any science education standards—and teachers often continue assigning it only because it’s the way they were taught. Students and animals deserve better.

Animal Dissection Teaches a Harmful Lesson

How does someone become a vivisector mutilating the brains of monkeys? It all starts with the idea that animals are nothing but tools to be exploited and then tossed aside like garbage. Animals are not classroom tools, but the dissection and animal experimentation industries want you to think they are—and they start desensitizing you to suffering when you’re still in middle school with teachers forcing you to dissect sheep eyes and hearts, fetal pigs and sharks, frogs, and even cats. This is about money, not science or education, especially considering that studies show forcing students to dissect animals can scare them away from courses and careers in the sciences.

There’s a Better Way

There’s no reason why any student should be asked to mutilate a corpse for a grade. Studies show that students do just as well, if not better, on tests when given humane, non-animal tools. Apps like eMind, synthetic frogs like SynFrog, and augmented reality tools like Merge Cube offer superior, safe, non-lethal approaches to learning anatomy and physiology.

As a Student, YOU Have the Power

As part of Students Opposing Speciesism (SOS), you can be part of the movement to end animal dissection in schools. We’ll provide you with the step-by-step process and all the materials you’ll need to make it happen. Contact [email protected] to get animal dissection banned at your school today!

Download This Campaign Guide for More Details, and Get Started Today!

Download This Sample Letter to Tell Your Principal or Teacher You’re Against Dissection! Download This Petition Sheet to Ask Your Classmates to Support the Right to Say NO to Dissection! Download These ‘Missing’ Posters to Highlight the Killing of Millions of Animals Yearly for Dissection!

And be sure to order our SOS dissection action kit, which includes our brand-new stickers and leaflets to pass out in school or share with friends.

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