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Want to become a Students Opposing Speciesism organizer? You’re in the right place! Apply below—and if you’re accepted, we’ll work with you to organize protests, start an SOS hub, and wage campaigns against speciesism. We’ll back you every step of the way at your school or in your community. The campaigns you work on are up to you—we’ve just got your back with free materials, campaign strategy tips, and whatever else you need. Read more about SOS organizer expectations here.

After being accepted, you’ll get a welcome kit in the mail with free stickers, an SOS T-shirt, a wristband, and more to help you get started sharing the message of animal liberation!

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If you're not a member of Gen Z, find ways you can support SOS here.
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Do you feel comfortable answering questions about animal rights issues, including about ways animals are used for experiments, food, clothing, and entertainment? What experience do you have discussing these issues, if any?
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