Who We Are

We are Students Opposing Speciesism (SOS), young activists around the U.S. and Canada raising our voices against human supremacy and smashing the status quo.

We’re demanding an end to using animals in experiments …

SOS protests the National Institutes of Health’s cruel “monkey fright” experiments.

… an end to exploiting animals for food …

SOS raises awareness in communities to help people realize that animals are individuals who deserve our respect.

… an end to stealing animals’ skin to make clothing …

SOS gathers outside an Urban Outfitters store to pressure the company’s brands to stop supporting the wool, leather, mohair, cashmere, down, alpaca, and silk industries—which all cause tremendous suffering to animals—by selling these materials.

… and an end to forcing animals to entertain humans.

SOS rises up to take down SeaWorld’s exploitation of sensitive orcas, bottlenose dolphins, and other animals, who deserve to be retired to seaside sanctuaries.


An End to Speciesism

Speciesism is the misguided belief that one species is more important than another. Much as other ugly “-isms” result in discrimination against and bullying of other humans based on arbitrary factors like skin color, gender, class, sexual orientation, or physical ability, speciesism assigns an inferior status to those who don’t happen to be human. If we want a more just world, we must work to end all systems of oppression, not just the types that affect us personally. We must rise up and challenge the notion of human supremacy.


We’llchange the world for humans and all other animals—but we can only do this by working together. We must revolt againstinjustice and inspire others to hold everyone in their sphere of compassion.Action isvital if we are to reach the masses to initiate a dialogue and change the status quo. The animals being strapped down in laboratories and prodded into slaughterhouses can’t wait another second—they need us now.


Animals are us, and we are animals. Like humans, all other animals feel joy, sadness, fear, and pain. We must see their suffering as an extension of our own. Our differences don’t justify cruelty—and exploiting others simply because we can or because they’re different is wrong. We have a responsibility to make the kindest choices possible and to do our best to reduce suffering of any kind, for every kind.

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