SOS Trainings and Events

Looking to learn more about animal rights issues, build your skills, and meet other student activists working to end speciesism? SOS hosts monthly events—from documentary screenings to activism training sessions and more! Check back and follow us on Instagram (@petaxsos) to stay updated on all things SOS.

Saturday, June 26 (7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT): My Octopus Teacher Screening

This Oscar-winning documentary tells the story of the rich, complex, and emotional life of an octopus and the relationship she forms with a human. The autonomy, intelligence, and empathy displayed by this octopus are apparent in all sentient beings, and that’s why we fight to end speciesism—so you need to see this film!


Friday, August 20–Sunday, August 22: SOS Summit—Level Up and Liberate!

The virtual SOS summer summit is coming up in August, and it’ll be an opportunity for us to step back, learn more about the history of animal rights and the movement, get tips on being effective activists, and be empowered and inspired to take big, bold actions for animals over the summer, during the next school year, and beyond! We’ll have a student panel with SOS organizers and youth activists, see a cooking demonstration with 16-year-old vegan chef Shi LaChef, hear from vegan activist and speaker Seb Alex, play trivia, attend activist training courses, take part in a movement breakout hosted by Dz Vegan Athletes, load up on lots of free swag to get motivated to change the world—and do so much more. Register now!