SOS Trainings and Events

Looking to learn more about animal rights issues, build your skills, and meet other student activists working to end speciesism? SOS hosts monthly events—from documentary screenings to activism training sessions and more! Check back and follow us on Instagram (@petaxsos) to stay updated on all things SOS.

Tuesday, December 7 (6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT): Solo Activism with SOS Organizer Ariel Phillips 

This training session is perfect for those who are just getting involved in activism or who don’t have a lot of support but still want to make a positive impact. SOS organizer Ariel Phillips will be sharing a lot of the trial and error that she went through as a new activist so that attendees can be more successful right off the bat!  

We will also be covering why it’s so important to take action, whether by leafleting or holding a protest, by yourself or with others, because we all can be changemakers.  

All attendees will receive a free SOS water bottle!  

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Thursday, December 16 (6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT): Meet PETA Scientists 

Experimenting on animals has been shown to be useless and ineffective for helping humans. Over 95% of drugs tested on animals fail in humans, and animals suffer terribly in experiments that go nowhere. So why do scientists keep using them? How can we shift scientific inquiry away from its heavy reliance on animals, and what are some better methods? How can students learn about cutting-edge technology that doesn’t use animals?  

Join us as scientists from PETA’s Science Advancement & Outreach division answer these questions and others. They’ll talk about their personal experiences working in a laboratory using animals, what it took to get out of animal research, and how students pursuing careers in science can ask for animal-free options. There will also be an overview of the universal failure of experiments on animals and a look at new, technologically advanced options that scientists can use instead.  

All attendees will receive a vinyl bumper sticker featuring an image of a cat and the message “I Am Not Lab Equipment” that you can put on your car, laptop, or water bottle to make an important statement for animals.  

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Saturday, January 22 (12 Noon ET / 9 a.m. PT): SOS Winter Retreat

Save the date for the SOS Winter Retreat! Taking place on Saturday, January 22 from Noon ET until 5 p.m. ET, this event will be packed with guest speakers, fun games and activities that will give you a chance to meet and network with other student activists, and brainstorming sessions in which YOU can help shape the future of our movement for animal liberation. Registration will open on December 6, so stay tuned for updates!