SOS Summer of Activism: Order 1 of 3 FREE Action Kits!

Finally, school is out for the summer! 🎉

With some extra time on your hands, summer break is the perfect opportunity to do outreach in your community. The weather is lovely, and people are out and about—ready to learn! Whether you choose to organize a protest at a local fast-food restaurant or public park or leaflet at a busy intersection or outside a specific business, doing outreach is a great way to encourage passersby to help end speciesism.

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Leaflet This Summer!

Student wearing a Students Opposing Speciesism t-shirt holding out a Guide to Going Vegan booklet.

Let’s keep it real: Animals exploited by humans don’t get summer vacations, so let’s consider them in all we do and stay active for them this summer. You can order one of three activism kits: the Vegan Outreach Kit, the Cruelty-Free Outreach Kit, or the Pet Store Outreach Kit.

What’s in each summer activism kit?

Each free kit focuses on a different animal rights issue, so you can choose whichever you’re most passionate about and hit the streets to inspire folks to consider animals in all they do. Each kit includes everything you need to hold an effective outreach event.

Here’s what’s in each kit:

Vegan Outreach Kit

Images of pro-vegan literature including a Guide to Going Vegan booklet and sticker sheets.

  • “Guide to Going Vegan” leaflets
  • “End Speciesism” sticker sheets
  • Anti-dairy sticker sheets
  • “How to Break Up With Cheese” guides
  • And more!

Say it loud: Animals aren’t ours to use for food—they’re unique, feeling individuals with their own wants and needs. Use the Vegan Outreach Kit to help end speciesism by revealing the reality of animal agriculture that the meat and dairy industries try so hard to hide. These resources can make a difference by informing folks that they have the power to change the world—simply by changing what’s on their plates. With so many great plant-based options, eating vegan has never been more delicious.

Cruelty-Free Outreach Kit

Images of cruelty-free shipping guide, anti-dissection leaflet, and anti-vivisection stickers

  • PETA’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies Shopping Guides
  • Anti-vivisection sticker sheets
  • Anti-dissection leaflets
  • And more!

Are you passionate about ending experiments on animals? Use the Cruelty-Free Outreach Kit to inspire your community to consider how each of us can help prevent animal suffering and death by buying cruelty-free cosmetics and household products, requesting alternatives to animal dissection in class, demanding the immediate implementation of humane and effective non-animal tests by government agencies and corporations, and calling on schools to stop experimenting on animals.

Pet Store Outreach Kit

Photos of leaflets and stickers against the sale of animal at pet stores like Petco

  • “Bettas Deserve Better” leaflets
  • “Betta Fish Deserve Better” stickers
  • “Shopping at Petco Hurts Animals” leaflets

Is there a pet store near you that sells betta fish, birds, reptiles, or other small animals? Many betta fish have died at Petco. Use the Pet Store Outreach Kit to let your community know that Petco and other pet stores treat the sentient beings they sell as though they were disposable merchandise. Sharing this information can urge others to implement activism through consumerism by avoiding all Petco stores—and other pet stores—until they pledge to stop selling live animals. These materials will encourage people to support retailers that don’t exploit animals.

So what are you waiting for? Order an SOS summer activism kit today!

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Organize a Protest This Summer!

Looking for more ways to take action? Organize a protest outside a fast-food restaurant near you! In addition to using the form below to order an activism kit, you can e-mail us at [email protected] to order our “End Speciesism” Protest Kit or a set of demo signs with these messages:

  • “Why Love One and Eat the Other? Go Vegan”
  • “I Am Not a Nugget”
  • “Take MEat off the Menu: Eat Vegan”
  • “Text KIT to 73822 for a FREE Vegan Starter Kit”
  • “EAT NO CHICKENS” (perfect for Chick-fil-A protests)
  • “CRUEL BURGER” (ideal for In-N-Out Burger protests)

Images of five different protest posters reading "Why love one and eat the other? Go vegan.", "Cruel Burger", "Take meat off the menu: eat vegan", and "I am not a nugget".

Images of two different protest posters reading "Text KIT to 73822 for a free vegan starter kit", and "eat no chickens".

Animals aren’t ours to eat. And by holding a protest outside a busy fast-food drive-through near you, you’re exposing what happens to chickens, pigs, cows, fish, and other animals killed for food.

Want to organize a protest? E-mail us at [email protected] and we’ll get you hooked up.