Order a FREE Custom Protest Kit to Help End Monkey Terror Experiments

National Institutes of Health (NIH) experimenter Elisabeth Murray has been mutilating, deliberately terrifying, and killing monkeys for decades, costing Americans tens of millions of tax dollars. These animals spend every day trapped in small cages, where they’re denied everything they care about—like companionship, a natural habitat, and freedom—and used and abused until the day they’re deemed worthless, at which point they’re killed. But the world is watching now and won’t tolerate depraved animal experiments that don’t help anyone.

Our brand-new SOS “End Monkey Terror Experiments” protest kit is now available for custom order!

Watch the footage below from inside NIH’s cruel laboratory, read about this campaign, and then e-mail your adviser to order an SOS “End Monkey Terror Experiments” protest kit.

What’s in the Free ‘End Monkey Terror Experiments’ Protest Kit?

This free kit will help you tell these monkeys’ story so that people will understand the suffering endured by them as well as by millions of mice, birds, dogs, and others who are tortured and killed every year in cruel experiments.

It includes everything you need to hold an effective and safe protest, including custom SOS face masks for attendees to wear. Here’s what you can receive:

  • SOS demo posters
  • Blank demo posters (for making your own signs)
  • A geometric “monkey” face mask (two-hour assembly required)
  • A flat paper “monkey” face mask (no assembly required)
  • A cage

This kit is customizable, so you can order only what you plan to use. We’ll also send you a guide on holding a protest, tips on taking great photos at your event, and more!

We all want to end speciesism and liberate animals, so we all need to do our part. Use this protest kit to inspire your hub members to get involved and ensure that each of them has a role in the event. Your SOS adviser is here for you every step of the way.

E-mail your adviser for a protest kit now.