Join the SOS Summer Summit: Level Up and Liberate

The virtual SOS summer summit is here, and it’s all about getting back out there, leveling up our activism, and liberating animals. Registration has now closed, but if you want to attend e-mail us at [email protected].

Let’s Reset Our Priorities and Hit the Streets for Animal Liberation

We all just went through over a year of the pandemic, including social distancing and lockdowns—but now there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We wish we could say the same for all the animals torn away from their homes and families or bred in captivity, but we can’t. For them, their entire life is one of lockdown. That’s why we have to use our freedom to fight for theirs.

Whether they’re pigs locked inside gestation crates, monkeys tormented in laboratories, or elephants forced to give rides, animals need us to take big, bold actions to get their stories out and change people’s minds. Our summer summit, Level Up and Liberate, will be dedicated to empowering, emboldening, and inspiring us to do everything we can to change the world for animals.

What to Expect at This Summer’s Summit

Level Up and Liberate is the community-building kick in the activism that we all need to get back out there and get loud for animals. Taking place the weekend of August 20-22, attendees can look forward to student panels with SOS organizers, a trivia night, PETA staff presentations and Q&A sessions—including one with PETA Vice President Lisa Lange—free stuff (stickers, personal-care products, school supplies, snacks, and other goodies), and so much more!

The summer summit is for students and young people ages 13 to 24. If you’re older than 24 and ready to get loud for animals, join PETA’s Action Team.